Cribbage is one of the oldest card games that requires observation, thinking and memory skills.

Play Cribbage



  Play Cribbage on iPhone , Android  or on the Web !  
Play Cribbage games and tournaments with real, live players, chat.
Cribbage game room always has hundreds of players day and night.
You will enjoy high quality graphics and easy-to-use cribbage game and fast play.
One-on-one games or multi-player cribbage tournaments. Play Cribbage online with other cribbage players for Free or compete for $prizes in games, tournaments and in monthly Ladder competitions.

   Chat, compete, make new friends!

To start playing Cribbage on mobile devices (iPhone, Android, tablet):

  • Install Cribbage app on your phone or tablet
  • Start the app and enter your player name and password or register as a New player
  • Select a table to play or create your own table
  • When you have 2 players at the table, click start
  • When both players select Start, move the cards by touching or by dragging them
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